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Baby Charron | A Yorktown Maternity Session

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing one of my very best friends' maternity session. We had such great success in this exact field for their announcement session so I knew this was the perfect spot for these! We may have had a cloudy sky, but Marie's new mom glow was all we needed to brighten things up.

A little backstory: I've know Marie since... forever! No seriously, second grade- I think (She can probably tell you the exact time because she's always been great at things like that). We went through all of the awkward stages together, first boyfriends, crushes, driver's license excitement and everything else teenage girls experience.

Now she's gaining the best title she'll ever have.. "Mommy". I can't wait to watch these two master the art of parenthood! Baby boy Charron (because she won't spill the beans on his name- and that's okay!) , you have some of the most loving parents who can't wait to give you every ounce of their hearts. We can't wait to meet you sweet boy!


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