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I'm Lindsay, a wedding and family photographer based out of New Kent, Virginia. Raised in Smithfield, Virginia, I moved to New Kent in 2015 when I married my hubby, Stewart, and welcomed our sassy little girl, Emma, in 2018. I'm also a Lab mom to Macon and Buxton! When I'm not behind my camera, you can typically find me enjoying time on our boat on the Chickahominy River. 

Hiring a photographer for your wedding day isn't just another task to check off of that wedding planner checklist. The right photographer will make sure you remember every aspect of your day- that's where our team comes in. We will make sure every ounce of your day is captured- the details, the moments, the tears, and of course, the dancing! We know the investment you've made- the money, the time, the planning- and in a matter of hours- it's gone! Not your memories though, not your photographs. We want you to be able to relive your day every time you glance at your images!

I promise to always be more than just a wedding photographer. My goal is to show up on your wedding day and feel like a friend (because when your walls can come down, that’s when the most beautiful pictures happen, and to do that, we need a great connection.) While my goal is to capture all your love, joy, laughter and emotion on your wedding day in the most authentic way possible, I also want to ensure your entire experience is FUN!

Photography isn't just a hobby, it's a passion and an investment-you should invest in your memories! 



HEY Gorgeous

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